RS 660

RS 660

The future respects the traditions of the House of Noale which has long been renowned for its innovation and distinctive character. With its sporty personality and stunning contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes. Delivering stability at high speeds, it is all about creating a fun, pleasurable riding experience. Colour options include the brand-new Acid Gold that further highlights the design and young, dynamic personality of this bike.



Dear Customer, we are thrilled to see that you are interested on our Aprilia model RS 660 ACID GOLD*.
Please be aware that this model’s availability will be subject to dealer stock. The Aprilia customer care department or your dealer of choice will be in contact with you regarding availability after your order has been placed.

CAD 14,095.00

Specifications of RS 660

183 kg


100 HP


3.96 gal


5 l/100 km



A new riding experience

The riding position has been carefully designed to offer comfort on the road and the ideal front weight distribution.

The perfectly balanced set-up of saddle, foot pegs and the clip-on handlebars over the steering yoke create a dynamic riding position.

Add to all this a choice of five predefined riding modes for different track and road conditions and you have all the ingredients for a truly thrilling riding experience.

RS 660
RS 660

APRC system

An evolution of a system that was designed for highest-level racing, the RS 660’s APRC package includes:
- ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, adjustable traction control based on precise, high-performance operating logic.
- AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control
- ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control which maintains your set speed without touching the throttle.
- AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, an electronic gear system that enables extremely fast gear shifts without closing the throttle or using the clutch. It also includes a downshift function for changing down without touching the clutch. Also available as an optional extra is a software that enables you to implement a reverse shift pattern without having to substitute any parts.
- AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake, for controlling engine braking when closing the throttle down.
- AEM: Aprilia Engine Map, with a range of different maps that vary engine power output and character.
- ABS: with cornering functionality and 3 adjustable levels

Unmistakable design

The RS 660’s clear-cut styling matches definitive performance

Aprilia RS 660 is immediately recognisable and rewrites the rule book for dynamic, modern sports bikes. Fundamentally innovate, purposeful and sophisticated, the new gem from Aprilia is endowed with a triple headlight and lines that speak the language of Aprilia sports bikes that have come before it – bikes which have made history while consistently winning over owners, racers and testers across the world...

RS 660
RS 660

6 reasons

Let RS 660 look you in the eye and tell you why you can't do without it

There are motorcycles that want to be followed, revered and pampered, others that look you straight in the eye and tell you exactly why you just can’t do without them. As far as reasons go, you can be sure that RS knows at least 660. For now, just settle for 6.