RSV4 1100

RSV4 1100

The ultimate machine for road or track



Specifications of RSV4 1100

445 lb


217 HP


4.73 gal


34 mpg



The new RSV4 design is an evolution of the iconic RSV4 shape, keeping alive the model language but in a modern and more efficient form. Design was driven by aerodynamics and ergonomics goals. The new winglets are fully integrated in the body. The double layer fairing is developed to manage air flow and the new tank offer a “race fitting” ergonomics. The RSV4 features the same headlight of the 660 models keeping a strong family feeling and reinforcing the strong positioning of Aprilia street bikes renewed with the RS 660.

RSV4 1100
RSV4 1100


The new RSV4 will return to share the same engine capacity. To maintain is leading position in the segment and even increase track performance the engine is renewed and growth from 1077cc to 1099cc. This increase will guarantee a better torque curve with an increased peak value of 125 Nm and a confirmation of 217 hp with Euro5 homologation. New engine shaft to increase stroke to 53,32mm and new top side engine basement.


Since its first launch, the RSV4 has been worldwide appreciate for its perfect chassis balance that gives on track the perfect feedback of a solid front end, precision and nimble cornering. During his career the RSV4 received many updates without compromising its DNA and the new RSV4 follows this consistency keeping the same architecture and dimension but with an update rear arm with inverted truss. This element comes directly from the Racing environment and help to reduce the weight (-600 gr), increase rigidity (+30%) with an element made with less components

RSV4 1100
RSV4 1100

The story

The story of Aprilia is the stuff of legends. It started out with the dream of setting records on the track and winning over the hearts of riders, and since then it has never looked back as model after model has been constantly tweaked, improved upon and taken to unthinkable new levels. Lap after lap, tested and pushed to the limit, driven by passion and the continuous quest for outstanding performance. The latest demonstrations of this unwavering commitment to excellence is the new RSV4, a bike boasting refined mechanics and aesthetics, with revisited electronics and ergonomics. Designed to put the super into Superbike, it emboies the power and brilliance of the Aprilia dream like never before.