Limited to 100 numbered units each, the models born from championship winning dna, pay homage to the brand history with special race-derived livery

The iconic V4 platform, first launched in 2008 with the RSV4, a model aimed at the World Superbike championship, of which it has won three rider championships, and 4 manufacturer championships since its introduction, quickly expanded in its capability, both in terms of the RSV4, but also as an update to the Aprilia brand Tuono model, introducing the first V4 naked bike in 2012.

The 2020 limited edition models take note from Aprilia’s racing heritage, with a more dedicated “Misano” livery, with the large Aprilia “A” logo, previously utilized among the brand’s race bikes and factory version model RSV4. Immediately recognizable to brand enthusiasts, the “Misano” design is an acknowledgement of Aprilia Racing’s earliest championship successes, as the inspiration is derived from the 1987 Loris Reggiani victory, the first for Aprilia in a championship class, at the Misano circuit in Italy. Available on the 2020 RSV4 RR and Tuono RR models, the motorcycles will receive carbon fiber front fenders, and lithium batteries as standard premium equipment.

The last touch, for collectors and enthusiasts alike, is the indication of model exclusivity, with the “Limited Edition” individually numbered units – for the RSV4 RR acknowledged on the top triple clamp, and the Tuono RR on top of the fuel tank cover.



Euro 4 engine, the same exciting performance

It is the only naked powered by a 65° V4 engine with unique characteristics. The narrow V architecture has made it possible to make an engine that is extremely compact lengthways which helps to centralise weights and to have a compact chassis. The changes made in this evolution of the Italian V4 not only resulted in earning Euro 4 approval, but also in increasing overall reliability and performance, without sacrificing any of the great character and marvellous sound that bikers love so much.

TUONO V4 RR 1100
TUONO V4 RR 1100


Completely revamped electronics

The greatest innovations have to do with the Aprilia Tuono V4's on board electronics, that has always been considered as the “best in class”, where the APRC system stands out. The fourth generation of APRC, standard on the Tuono V4 1100, fits in perfectly with the fine electronic management of the new full Ride-by-Wire throttle, that has allowed all superfluous throttle body electronic management components to be eliminated, thereby saving over a pound.


Suspension and brakes directly from the new RSV4

The Tuono V4 range fully confirms all the proverbial qualities of handling and stability stemming from a frame that is closely derived from that of the Aprilia RSV4, seven-time World Superbike champion. The front Brembo braking system comes directly from the one on the new RSV4 and relies on a pair of new steel discs that have been increased to 330 mm, gripped by the new monobloc M50 callipers and activated by a radial master cylinder on the handlebar.

TUONO V4 RR 1100
TUONO V4 RR 1100

APRC - Aprilia Performance Ride Control

The RSV4 and Tuono V4 both come with APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control), an electronic active control package that draws on Superbike world championship-winning technology. The most comprehensive and advanced solution on the market, it is a dynamic control platform containing unique auto-calibration and wheelie control functions and consists of ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), ALC (Aprilia Launch Control) and AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift). Starting with the RsV4 RR and RF, Tuono V4 1100 RR and Factory, AWC has been recalibrated to deliver maximum performance at level 1, the option with greatest freedom.

Numbers of TUONO V4 RR 1100 MISANO

407 lb


4.89 gallons


183 g/mk2 (co2)


30 mpg