Limited to 100 numbered units each, the models born from championship winning dna, pay homage to the brand history with special race-derived livery

The iconic V4 platform, first launched in 2008 with the RSV4, a model aimed at the World Superbike championship, of which it has won three rider championships, and 4 manufacturer championships since its introduction, quickly expanded in its capability, both in terms of the RSV4, but also as an update to the Aprilia brand Tuono model, introducing the first V4 naked bike in 2012.

The 2020 limited edition models take note from Aprilia’s racing heritage, with a more dedicated “Misano” livery, with the large Aprilia “A” logo, previously utilized among the brand’s race bikes and factory version model RSV4. Immediately recognizable to brand enthusiasts, the “Misano” design is an acknowledgement of Aprilia Racing’s earliest championship successes, as the inspiration is derived from the 1987 Loris Reggiani victory, the first for Aprilia in a championship class, at the Misano circuit in Italy. Available on the 2020 RSV4 RR and Tuono RR models, the motorcycles will receive carbon fiber front fenders, and lithium batteries as standard premium equipment.

The last touch, for collectors and enthusiasts alike, is the indication of model exclusivity, with the “Limited Edition” individually numbered units – for the RSV4 RR acknowledged on the top triple clamp, and the Tuono RR on top of the fuel tank cover.



RSV4 RR - A new era

Unanimously acclaimed by critics and coveted by motorcyclists the world over, the RSV4 is the undisputed symbol of the segment and the benchmark in terms of sportiness and performance. It is also a shining example of what the experience of a successful Racing Department can bring to the game, with that of Aprilia having 54 world championships to its name in the course of its relativity short life. Skills honed on the track and transferred to the factory have enabled riders everywhere to experience the incredible excitement and thrill of Aprilia Racing.

RSV4 RR 1000
RSV4 RR 1000


An exceptionally lightweight 65° V4

The main characteristics of this absolute jewel of Italian technology remain unaltered. Why change a winning recipe after all? The all-time best superbike retains many of the elements that make it unique, such as its narrow V-architecture 4-cylinder, high-performance engine, the first in the world, and the most powerful and advanced ever built by Aprilia. A truly incomparable engine with its total electronic package and extraordinary lightweight and compact bulk.


Advanced APRC

APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) is the widely praised electronic control package, drawing on Superbike world championship-winning technology. The most comprehensive solution on the market, it is based on the principle of repositioning the inertial platform that manages its functionality so that it optimises the bike’s dynamic conditions and enables more effective electronic control.

RSV4 RR 1000
RSV4 RR 1000


Just like a Superbike

Aprilia is recognised as one of the leading chassis manufacturers in the world and the RSV4 shows just why, embodying the technical skills built up and deployed so successfully on the international competition circuit. Of special note on the RSV4 and RF is the outstanding choice of adjustments that the standard chassis offers, a benefit that is synonymous with all generations of the RSV4.

Numbers of RSV4 RR 1000

396 lb


4.89 gallons


156 g/mk2 (co2)


35 mpg